Discovering the Christmas Spirit.


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Discovering the Christmas Spirit
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 13 reviews
 by Las Vegas, NV
Wonderful read

What a wonderful story. I love a book you can’t put down. Easy read and very enjoyable. Looking forward to your next book. Thank for such a entertaining read.

 by Brooklyn, New York
A Christmas Classic

I love this book! In fact, I’d describe it as the true meaning of Christmas wrapped up in shiny ornaments, tinsel, and cookie dough inside of a winter wonderland. Stephen Murray has created a world within a world quite like the snow globe depicted on the cover of this book. The story captivated my attention from the very first page, and I wanted to finish reading it in one sitting. Each character and plot revelation lifts you higher and higher. The main characters are reflections of everyday people, and that helps the readers relate to them even more. This book could easily become a Hallmark Christmas Movie classic with its inspirational and heartwarming story lines. If you like watching Christmas movies all year round as I do, then this is the book for you.

 by Tulsa, Oklahoma
A Delightful Winter Tonic

Modern life with its frenetic pace often leads us astray. It alienates us from friends and family and blinds us to some eternal truths about the meaning of happiness.

Stephen Murray, in his excellent book, Discovering the Christmas Spirit, provides a much needed counterbalance to these angst filled times with its message of taking a spiritual retreat, to ground oneself and better connect with others.

Its rich imagery of escape, contemplation, awakening and re connection spoke to my much neglected spiritual side and is the perfect tonic for long dark Winter nights.

 by arizona
Discovering the Christmas Spirit

What an absolutely delightful book about hope, healing, kindness, and compassion for our fellow man. Discovering the Christmas Spirit warmly tugs at heart strings and feeds an insatiable hunger all crave...a desire to belong, be accepted, and the ability to repair relationships or just connect with others. No matter the season, this book comes highly recommended. Readers may find a connection with these characters while spending time in a magical snowy quaint town.

 by Arcadia, California
Lovely and Timeless

This is a timeless tale whose stories of the 5 people whose lives were changed by the helicopter crash could happen any time of year. It was especially fanciful and endearing because of the setting. The Christmas whimsy comes into play with the village, stores and town folks names, which makes you feel as if transported to a village in the North Pole. Stephen writes so beautifully and easily. You get to know the characters quickly and can relate to their individual circumstances. The situations in which each of the characters find themselves  are life decisions found any time of year, but unfold in a Christmas setting. I love all of Stephen’s books and have gifted many of them to family and friends! Start your list now for this year!

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
A feel good, satisfying story.

Though the story line is like most other Christmas stories, Murray weaves an inspiring tales of five disparate people with five disparate issues brought together by their helicopter accident and a bunch of town folks who rescue the survivors and help them heal.

A wonderfully enchanting town and its cleverly named residents make one think this story is an allegory, but regardless of its structural form, Murray manages to keep all the actors and their subplots moving along without dropping a single thread.

I was satisfied but sorry when the book ended.

More, Mr. Murray, please.

 by Westlake Village, California
A Heartwarming Story

This is a beautiful reminder of what is important and how easy it is to lose sight of it. A wonderfully written heartwarming story that will put you in a good mood and ready for the Christmas spirit, regardless of when you read it. If you want to feel good and give you an uplifting perspective on life, this is the book for you!

 by San Diego, CA
A Delightful Escape

In Discovering The Christmas Spirit, author, Stephen Murray provides readers with a delightful escape to Christmas Carol Village, where despite the occurrence of seemingly unfortunate events, the characters spend what may be their most memorable Christmas. While the book is definitely a perfect holiday read, its message is sure to be just as uplifting any time of year.

 by Henderson, Nevada
A must-read for the holidays

I just finished 'Discovering Christmas Spirit'.

Thank you Stephen. In this crazy world, I read your beautiful book which takes several people, each with their own agenda, on a road to finding something whole and loving again.

People, when you get this book, think of sitting in front of a fire, a blanket over your knees, and becoming part of this charming, heartwarming book.
Stephen, you did it again. Lovely, just lovely.

 by Henderson, Nevada
Heartwarming and Inspirational

'Discovering the Christmas Spirit’ shows how the kindness of strangers can change a frightening accident involving five people to a blessing for all involved. Stephen’s characters leap off the page with realism while his descriptions of this remote small town, it’s streets and shops are delightfully creative. This heartwarming, loving and inspirational book is one I will read every year.

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